Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I love creating small pieces of art, and what could be better than a challenge to produce inchies! I could have added them to another piece of art like an ATC, skinny, card or 4x4, but I think they are great just as they are! I am in the process of creating a big range of different inchies, twinchies and ATC size pieces of art, so that I can then collage them together into a big mosaic piece to show them all off. So I created these three inchies for CBH on Stampbord, which will be added to the collection.
I first inked the stampbord with chalk eyes then stamped my chosen images on top. The stamps are inchie size and are from a set by Inka-dinka-do. Once stamped I then used a scratching tool to bring out textures and highlights.

Monday, 6 July 2009

In The Garden.......

is where I like to be on hot sunny days.......

But the weather finally broke today and it has rained! The hot sunny days lasted longer than I thought they would, with at least two thunderstorms occuring in the night to leave the days full of blue sky and sunshine!

In the garden is the theme for TMTA this week, and I have chosen to use a photograph I took of a visitor to my garden a few weeks ago. I have these beautiful pink pincushion flowers in the garden, which the bees loved - until the white crab spider took up residence in them! I got a great shot of nature in action, when the spider literally just pounced on this poor bee, turning it into lunch! I altered the photo by scratching areas out with a file, then chalking the edges and adding coloured metallic 'Smootch' inks over the top to highlight areas and finishing my mounting on an ATC, stamping a few flower sections and finishing with a hand-written title:

Hope you like it! Right, off to bed - or I won't be fit for much in the morning........