Friday, 31 July 2015

Positive Change

Journal 52, Week 29 - Positive Change. I decided to create a mixed media page for this prompt, starting with a gesso background and raised damask texture sections. Once dry I drew the face and painted the page with greens, white, turquoise and brown. I mottled and blended the colours together, using glazing medium with the brown and turquoise to create more translucent layers and allow it to be wiped of sections of the raised textures to show the patterns. I then added final decorations with flowers, lace, buttons and stamped the quote: Use your smile to change this world, don't let this world change your smile.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mail Art

Nearly caught up on Journal 52! This journal page is for the theme of Mail Art. I struggled to find my starting point with this one! But after a bit of searching I decided to use two stamps as my focal point and extend the image on the stamp using watercolours. I started by collaging a background in quite neutral colours, stuck the stamp images down, stamped a few mail inspired stamps & then created a colourful wash extension of the colours and patterns in the stamps. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Journal 52 prompt of Kindness. Still playing catch up, but getting there! I decided to create a textured, colourful background and then have a quote layered on the top. I created this by first collating book pages to the paper, stencilled some patterns and added some raised texture with gesso. I then used acrylic paints to add washes of colour. I stencilled numbers on top, then drew pod shapes and added white acrylic paint on the top around these shapes, leaving the colour inside. I outlined the pod shapes in black and blended this into the white. I stamped the quote and layered on top. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Having a very creative day today! Just finished Journal 52 prompt of Elements. Was unsure for a while as to how I wanted to approach this - colours flowing into each other to represent elements? Animals for each element? Patterns? In the end I opted for a mixed media approach, dividing the pages into long narrow sections; using distress colours to match each element. I then found items to fit each one and layered tags, objects, washi tape and ribbons. Earth - plants and metal. Wind - feather and swirls. Fire - rust and ashes. Water - spray and shells.

Inspiration Wednesday....

Finally finding time to catch up on this years Inspiration Wednesday art journal pages. Loving the videos from Donna Downey and all the great new ways I'm finding to use my art materials. Here are my versions of Inspiration Wednesday from February 4th and 18th.

Happy Wednesday!

Questions and Answers

Still playing at catching up on the last months worth of prompts from Journal 52. Here is Week 25 - Questions and Answers.

I created a collaged background from brown paper, tissue paper, book pages, & washi tape. I put a random layer of gesso over the top to create texture and blend out the harshness of the edges and text. Onto this I layered some more washi tape, acrylic paint, embellishments made in moulds and painted, then finally the tags with my quote on. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. - Albert Eninstein.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Silly Animal Zoo

Summer holidays have arrived and there is time to play! So here is my version of Journal 52 prompt: Silly Animal Zoo.

I chose to draw two animals in pencil and then colour up with watercolours, changing their appearance in the process. Unusual elements and vibrant colours - who could resist?!



Monday, 13 July 2015

Small Success

After a hectic few weeks, I finally got some time to start catching up on Journal 52. Starting with Week 23 - Small Success.

I had a quote in mind to base it around: Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements.

I drew the image in pencil first then painted with acrylic paint. Hand writing the quote on top once dry. Now to look at the next one for a new set of ideas...