Thursday, 31 March 2016

Inspiration Wednesday - 30.03.16

Loving the collaging and layers in this weeks Inspiration Wednesday. Like Donna Downey, I too was impatient, not being able to wait for each layer to dry properly! Hence the slightly hazy final set of lettering! I played about with the word stencils I had to make a statement which reads:

Art is in the ability to see... The colours of life, then, leave it on the canvas.

I had to alter the spelling of colour to the British spelling, it just looks wrong without that u in there. The glazing worked well on this page and I like the addition of the stamping on a tag. Not quite the large eyes Donna used, but still a detailed eye stamp. Love finding things I have in my stash and making them see the light of day again in a new and exciting way!



Emulate / Duplicate

Loving the work of artist Natiq Jalil (, he is a mixed media artist. For my journal page for Journal 52, Week 12, I chose to emulate his style. I used fine line pen for my self-portrait and embellished it with leopard pattern and flora/fauna elements. Adding colour with watercolour in a fluid manner.

Work of Natiq Jalil:

My interpretation in my own way:

Above Your Head / Beneath Your Feet

Catching up on Journal 52 prompts - now out of order! Loving this years ideas and creations, so much to inspire and tempt. I combined the two Week 6 prompts together - above / below to show a cats paw coming around the edge of a piece of wood. Is the cat above your head or below your feet? Painted in acrylic paints, with a crackle glaze for the peeling wood effect.

Inspiration Wednesday

Finally finding some time to update here with my art journal pieces. Here are Inspiration Wednesday #5 and #6. Loved the techniques used in both of these and the completely different results achieved. I loved the resistance layering in #5 to get the rust feel with the blue and beige paints around the numbers. But also loved the paint dribbles and layers in #6! Love finding new ways to use all that stash I have hiding at home.

Inspiration Wednesday - #5 - 02.03.16

 Inspiration Wednesday #6 - 16.03.16


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Monochromatic / Psychadelic

When faced with the choice of going monochrome or psychedelic which do you do? Me, I work with both elements! Couldn't resist. I used the new Paper Artsy Infusions colour stains on the background of my art journal in pink, blue and green (still trying to get to grips with them and how the colour spreads!) Then I painted a self portrait on top in monochrome, just adding colour for my eyes and hair. I had fun with this prompt for Journal 52, Week 5, and like the outcome despite my trepidation after doing the background!

Inspiration Wednesday - Feb 2016

Another two journal spreads completed for Inspiration Wednesday. Loving the colours and textures in these two. I always find it fascinating how some pages come easy, while others can leave you in a muddle for hours!

Hope you are having a good week.

3 - 03.02.16

4 - 17.02.16

Sunday, 6 March 2016


I took the plunge at the end of last year to sign up for the Wanderlust mixed media art course run by Everything Art. I have been enjoying watching the weekly videos and there has been some great inspiration and ideas. But little time has been free to actually play and create with each week! But I have managed to finished the first spread in my Wanderlust art journal for this year. I chose my word of the moment (which ended up being two!)

Embrace Imperfection.

Too many times I berate myself because what ends up on the page is not what I had in my head. Sometimes I like the 'happy accidents' and others I'm like - what a mess, that really didn't go to plan! For this spread I like the outcome, layering acrylic paints and sprays with chipboard and grungeboard elements and finally the word stickers left in white as a contrast on the top.

Full Moon Lunacy

Finally some time to create and finish my art journal pages. This one is for Journal 52 - Week 4. The prompts were Full Moon / Lunacy. I decided to combine the two in an acrylic painting. I gessoed the background in black first, then painted the moon using acrylic paints, blending the textures in. I drew the tormented face - meant to appear as if it is shaking from side to side, and finally added the drips over the top.

Inspiration Wednesday 2016

I signed up for a new year of creativity with Donna Downey and Inspiration Wednesday. Love the way that I can find new ways of using the many art materials I have stashed away in the cupboards!

Here is my take on the first two of this year!

IW - 06.01.16

IW - 20.01.16