Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Favourite Bowie Lyrics

What a tumultuous start to 2016 it has been, with the loss of several great figures we all grew up with! Two within a week of each other, the same age and succumbing to the same illness. Such a shame that this illness still grips humans in this way.

But a great way to pay tribute from Journal 52 - Week 3: Favourite Bowie lyrics / Favourite Song. I decided to interpret Bowie lyrics from Heroes, drawing my figures in pencil then painting with acrylic paint and finishing with stamped lyrics.

Journal 52 - 2016....

Loving the new feel to Journal 52 this year. With leadership taken over by Effy Wild and Sarah Trumpp we are now being spoilt with two alternative prompts a week! I have been enjoying them since week one of this year, but not had the chance to post until now!

So here goes with a catch up of the first two weeks.
Week 1 - Word of the Year / Strange Word.

Week 2 - What are you saying Yes to? / No to?

Love the idea of doing just one of the prompts, but enjoying doing a combination of both ends! I like the contrasts and finding a way to merge different ideas together. Loving the new artwork from fellow members too! Hop on over and have a look.