Thursday, 20 August 2015

10min Challenge

Love the idea of restricting yourself to create art - you have to let go of those hang ups: Is it enough? Have I ruined it? Should I just go over that bit and add something else? Week 31 of Journal 52 with a prompt of 10 minute challenge was just what was needed!

To create this page I wanted to use a photograph I had taken of the bees in my Sea Holly plant, so I drew them as a quick sketch in soluble graphite and then added colour washes in watercolour, blending the graphite with the paint to create a kind of abstract page. I finished, just as the timer went off with a few spritzes of distress stain in twisted citron and peacock feathers. I would like to add more to it - but that's the fun of the time limit! ;-)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Road Less Travelled

Nearly caught up on Journal 52. Week 30 - The Road Less Travelled.

For this journal page I wanted to use techniques I feel that I need to use more, and develop control of! I love mixed media, but never really use inclusions within this. So I decided to try it out. I covered the page in brown paper, collaged tissue paper, patterned papers and paper ribbon on the top. I used gesso to adhere elements such as buttons, metal leaves and flowers. I painted over these with gesso when dry to give a layer that was paintable. I then sprayed some distress inks over the top and tipped the book to let it all run and find its own puddles. I finished by adding stamped elements, a wooden crown and drew lines using black acrylic paint in a fine liner. Not sure that I am 100% happy with this page, but some elements work together.