Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gratitude - New Beginnings!

Who would have thought at the start of the year I decided to take up the challenge of Journal 52. A prompt a week for 52 weeks. I never imagined I would manage to stay up to date (there were points where I had several weeks to catch up at once, such as now!), let alone that I would actually finish it! But I can wholeheartedly say - I DID IT!!!

One very fat, full to bursting, ripped at the seams and needs repairing journal, full of my own personal pieces of Art. Some of which I love, others not so much. But it has been a journey I have enjoyed, and am looking forward to taking into 2016.

Effy Bird has taken over the running of Journal 52, so looking forward to many more creative journeys to come. So, having made it to the end, just before the end of the year, all that's left to say is Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you all on your adventures in 2016.


Journal 52 came to a stall at this point, due to many factors, but decided to continue and finish my journal anyway - only two weeks were left after all! We should be having cold weather now as it is the middle of winter, but are having warmer days and rain rather than snow. So I thought of a few years ago when the whole of the UK transformed into a winter wonderland, white everywhere! So created a photo transfer page of the days of snow when my landscape was transformed into a white sparkling scene. Adding in the map of the UK looking just as white all over!

Just Add A Dinosuar!

I love the idea of this prompt! Who could resist adding a dinosaur! Funnily enough I remembered I had taken some photos with lego characters and a toy dinosaur, what better use for them could there be than this?! I collaged a background, added some distress inks, dinosaur paper and collaged my photographs on top. Getting to mix my Lego minifigures and a dinosaur together was fun, using them in my Art journaling brought a smile to my face!

Self Care

I liked the prompt for Journal 52 of Self Care - I finally had time during my Christmas break to get caught up on the last few prompts. This one I drew a heart, painted a blue background around it and then added life lines coming out from the heart. I sprayed distress inks over the background for texture and finished with a written note in white pen. Make time to take care of yourself - indulge your own dreams.

Architecture and Grid Inspired

For two prompts from Journal 52 - Week 47 &48. I decided on some quick fixes as running short on time! For the Architecture one I collaged a background, dribbled on some coloured inks across the middle to make a horizon line and then drew some architectural forms on top using permanent pens and gelly markers. For the Grid inspired I decided to opt for a photo collage feel in the style of David Hockney. I chose two photos I had taken on Hastings beach, printed each twice, cut up into squares and collaged together slightly overlapping and out of line. I had fun with that one!


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Colour Me Crazy.....

I love the idea of filling a journal page with colour for this prompt from Journal 52. I put a layer of gesso over my book page as a base, then drew the circular shapes falling off the edge of the left page. I then added colour with watercolours, blending them so they ran into each other. I then turned the page sideways to create the runs of colour. I finished with some flecks of colour over the top. A bright cheery page to liven the winter days!

Child's Play

For the prompt of Child's Play at Journal 52 I decided to become a child again! I wanted to go back to how if felt learning to draw, trying to control the media you were trying to use. So I put the pencil and paintbrush in the wrong hand (I'm left-handed, so attempted to draw with my right hand!) I drew a scene I remember my Mum telling me I used to do - drawing red cows! Why red? I have no idea, but it was fun, if somewhat frustratingly difficult, drawing with the wrong hand and seeing the results appear! Enjoy!



Hauntingly Beautiful

For the prompt of Hauntingly Beautiful over at Journal 52 I decided to create a mixed media page. I collaged a background from Tim Holtz tissue paper, used texture paste to create the brickwork using a stencil, then painted over the top to bring out the textures and create a sense of depth. I then used Tim Holtz dies to create the objects in the scene, shading with distress inks. I finished by adding a few Halloween stamps.


Focus - I seemed to loose all mine for this prompt form Journal 52! So I chose to try and create a journal page that represented just that - loosing or trying to find your focus. I created the swirl using Gelatos, then sealed with Matt Medium. Once dry I journalled my feelings about focus throughout the spiral in white pen and sealed with wax.


When deciding what to create for the Journal 52 prompt of Masks I had plenty of ideas. I went with the idea of masks we wear everyday - do we hide behind a mask to hide who we really are, or hide our true feelings; or do we wear masks to bring out our alter ego, putting on a brave face, or finding that thick skin to get through the work day. I created a colour wash background, pasted on some photos of me and hid the eyes with Washi tapes. It is surprising how much of a mask just that creates.