Saturday, 28 November 2015


I love Fairytales, so this prompt from Journal 52 was great! I created my own fairytale as a dinner party one evening for a group of my friends, decking my table out as the Mad Hatters tea party, complete with dormouse in a teapot, giant playing cards, a giant cup and of course a whole stack full of delicacies for dinner and dessert! We had a great evening full of giggles and entertainment. Making your own fairytales is so much fun!  I painted an 'Alice' themed background for my journal, then illustrated my fairytale through photos.



Loved the prompt of Trees from Journal 52. I had a great photo I took of a tree and wanted to attempt a painting of it. I drew the tree in soluble graphite and added water to spread the tones, then added watercolours on the top, adding texture and hints of colour. I finished by adding some darker areas in graphite and highlights in white pen.

The photograph I worked from:



I am....

Interpreting the Journal 52 prompt of I am made me think. I could have created a list of things describing me, but decided to opt for another interpretation. I decided that I just wanted to say I am who I want to be, not who others wish I would be. We only get one shot at this life, and we have to be brave, stand up and say I am happy with who I am, no one else is going to make me into their ideal.

I created this by collaging a background, painted a thin layer of colours I like , then added photos of me with my quote to finish. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


How to interpret a journal prompt of Calendar? This was the starting point for Journal 52, Week 38. I decided to use a calendar image that has always held a fascination for me - the calendar used by the Mayans / Aztecs. They had an ingenious idea for using three layers of dials to tell the date, supposedly ending with the end of the world on December 21st 2012. (So prophets foretold!) I think we are all still here.... ;-)

I decided to keep this one simple - a pencil drawing of the key shapes, adding colour with watercolours and a touch of water soluble graphite over the top. I wanted to keep a loose, sketchy feel to this one. I love how civilisations find inventive ways to record the passing of time. Hope everyone is having a good week.