Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Plans - Week 35, Journal 52. I struggled with how to illustrate the concept of plans. I didn't just want to do a list of words, or paste in pictures of places I want to go. So instead I created a textured background with modelling paste and a damask stencil, created a stencil of my own silhouette and used that to build the background higher with modelling paste. Once dry, I then created a glaze with acrylic paints and used turquoises and a grey/purple on the background, orange in my silhouette, painting over the whole page and rubbing back with a baby wipe to reveal the patterns and textures in the background. Once dry I added a sentence about my plans into my silhouette. The most frustrating thing was waiting for all the stages to dry - I kept wanting to do the next bit, but had to wait... ;-) I hope you like the end result, quite a simple layout, but says what I wanted it to.


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