Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Windows often provide a world of wonder - sat daydreaming, wondering what is going on, on the other side of the glass; be it looking out on the world, or looking in as you pass by. They come in many forms, sizes, shapes, and colours. I loved this theme for Journal 52 this week. A world of possibilities.

For my journal page I knew I wanted one side dedicated to my window and the other half showing a glimpse of what was on the outside waiting to be discovered. To create this I painted an acrylic background over the top of a base primed with greaseproof paper to strengthen the page. On the left I used a brick stencil and texture paste to create slightly raised brickwork around the edges. Once dry this was coloured with distress ink. I wanted the window to be the focus, so achieved this by creating it separately out of card and layering onto the top. The glass window panes are made from acetate coloured with alcohol inks and then a pattern created in this. To create the pattern, just stamp with an archival ink the pattern you desire and then rub it away almost straight away. This takes off the archival ink, in my case I used black, and leaves a void in the colour where the ink was. I layered this on a pale background so the pattern shows through the colour. The frame and detail was made using corrugated card.

The flowers, butterflies, bees and bird come from a selection of the many stamps I own. Crafting is lethal for finding great treasures to use, the pile keeps building! Some of the butterflies I stamped on patterned paper, cut and layered on top. The final details coming from adding Doodle Dewdrops as accents on the window and Tim Holtz type stickers to add the wording.

I hope you enjoy this page as much as /I enjoyed creating it! Head on over to Journal 52 and have a go too!

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Elizabeth said...

What a great page on windows!
Nice to see how the different materials have used targeted ..
I think it turned out wonderful.

Greetings, Elizabeth