Sunday, 8 March 2015

Colouring Book Inspiration

Week 10 for Journal 52 is taking inspiration from colouring books. I was never very good at that, I always wanted to draw my own thing, and keeping to the lines? So frustrating! So my journal page for this piece is my own doodle, taking inspiration from spring and a variety of different illustrations I have come across on my travels of the internet! Then I coloured outside the lines too!

I drew in pencil first then went over the outline with a fine line pen, adding in the detail that I wanted and coated this with masking fluid. Using watercolours I painted outside the lines to build the background.

Once this was dry I removed the masking fluid - and nearly cried! It took the top layer of paper off and most of my drawing! I had to re-draw the whole thing - grrrrrrr...... So I was definitely colouring outside the lines! To finish, I then added a little touch of colour inside the lines of the blossom and leaves and finished with a few flicks of paint over the top.

I had fun creating this piece. Go create and colour outside the lines! Have a great week everyone.


Anne (cornucopia) said...

Beautiful pastels! Great artwork!

Krisha said...

Gorgeous!!! I would rather color outside the lines myself......spent too many years make sure to color inside the lines.