Sunday, 8 March 2015

Street Art

Over at Sunday Postcard Art this week is the theme of Street Art. I have a thing for this, I love looking out for it and photographing great examples I come across. Some people hate it and see it as just vandalism, but I think there is a place for it, give the artists room to create and you will get some amazing artistic pieces. Just 'tagging' your name is not art, but creating a beautiful painting on a wall - that takes skill.

Creating art with spray paint is not as easy as it looks - trust me, I've tried it! We had some artists come into school to teach our students in a designated area - they were amazing, the rest of us just dabbled by comparison! In my book, as long as you make the wall or space look better, how does it do harm? A plain wall or an amazing portrait? Animal? Landscape scene?

I so enjoyed this theme and my postcard is inspired by an artist called Tim Marrs. He is a British illustrator, and his work is mainly digital, but has a great street feel to it. My piece was created with chalk paint backgrounds in grey with a hot pink dry brush area and stencilled chevrons in lime green. I dried with a heat gun to bubble and distort the paint. I added an orange stripe then stamped the wings. These are the best free stamps I have had, from Craft Stamper. Then I drew in the body and filled with black. I added a little distressing with white and dark brown dragged and blended over the top to finish.

Happy creating!


Lori Saul said...

Magical art!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

WOW!!! This is fantastic! I love this!

Sabine said...

wonderful postcard!

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

those colors work together perfectly!

love your art.