Sunday, 6 March 2016


I took the plunge at the end of last year to sign up for the Wanderlust mixed media art course run by Everything Art. I have been enjoying watching the weekly videos and there has been some great inspiration and ideas. But little time has been free to actually play and create with each week! But I have managed to finished the first spread in my Wanderlust art journal for this year. I chose my word of the moment (which ended up being two!)

Embrace Imperfection.

Too many times I berate myself because what ends up on the page is not what I had in my head. Sometimes I like the 'happy accidents' and others I'm like - what a mess, that really didn't go to plan! For this spread I like the outcome, layering acrylic paints and sprays with chipboard and grungeboard elements and finally the word stickers left in white as a contrast on the top.

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