Thursday, 31 March 2016

Inspiration Wednesday - 30.03.16

Loving the collaging and layers in this weeks Inspiration Wednesday. Like Donna Downey, I too was impatient, not being able to wait for each layer to dry properly! Hence the slightly hazy final set of lettering! I played about with the word stencils I had to make a statement which reads:

Art is in the ability to see... The colours of life, then, leave it on the canvas.

I had to alter the spelling of colour to the British spelling, it just looks wrong without that u in there. The glazing worked well on this page and I like the addition of the stamping on a tag. Not quite the large eyes Donna used, but still a detailed eye stamp. Love finding things I have in my stash and making them see the light of day again in a new and exciting way!



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