Tuesday, 8 July 2008

MA Creations

After completing my BA(Hons) Decorative Arts degree I chose to go straight on and complete my Masters Degree. I was accepted on an MA course in Birmingham and spend a further year developing my skills. I again specialised in textiles and explored different methods of constructing, printing, sewing and weaving. I chose to develop my tapestries further for my final project and made them into individual pieces of art. Below are a selection of those.

The following five images are close up sections of different pieces. I explored the theme of contrasts and the differences between living in a coastal town with open spaces, lots of trees, seaside, birds, etc and the urban environment I was living in, the feeling of claustrophobia, enclosed spaces, structure and urban decay. I mixed these elements together by using natural forms within the tapestries and adding the structure with the wire, paper and enclosing them in glass cases.

Flotsam twigs woven in dyed nylon filament:
2. Feather woven in nylon filament, wire tapestry and handmade paper on a wire mesh:
3. Parakeet feathers woven in nylon filament, wire tapestry and handmade paper:
4. Coloured wire tapestry set in handmade paper on a wire mesh:
5. Hand painted flotsam wood, woven in wire and encase in a wire mesh with handmade paper:

Below are the final outcomes encased in their display cases:

Next time I will post some of my work from sketchbooks, exploring the images, media and techniques I use to inspire further work. Hope you enjoyed looking at the work above.
Till next time.......


Jeannie said...

Fantastic images Sally, I look forward to seeing more.

Jen said...

Great blog hun - love the title banner!

It's lovely to see so many different examples of your work :D

Sassy said...

Thank you for your comments, glad you like it. Will aim to regularly update with new work and ideas.