Monday, 14 July 2008

I think I'm turning........

Oriental was the theme of this altered art piece I created for Scrapbook Sisters. I started with an ordinary magazine file, a set of oriental papers and some embellishments. I decided to pull the magazine file apart and then proceeded to create the following two items:

This first piece I decorated on the outside with a Geisha face:

Then on the inside I created a tailors dummy with a Kimono on:

I added the knot at the back with embellishments:

Then decorated the front with punched flowers and glitter:

With the side I pulled off I made a wall plaque, by cutting a window and doors into the wood and then adding Geisha in the spaces, and hung paper lanterns I made from patterned vellum from the bottom:

Final details were added with gold UTEE and punched flowers. Hope you like it.

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