Monday, 7 July 2008

Degree Show Work

In the final year of my degree I chose to specialise in textiles. More specifically mainly hand woven tapestries encapsulated in hand-made paper.
Most of my tapestries are woven on a miniature scale - with the largest ones being approximately 5" x 12" and the smallest about 1.5" x 1.5". I used a mixture of wool yarn, embroidery threads, metallic sewing thread, wire and nylon filament. Even weaving a few sections with invisible nylon thread.
I chose to explore further the theme of Passage of Time, exploring themes of archaeology, myth, and re-discovery. Especially the way civilisations are preserved in fragments by the earth and time, only to be re-discovered in tantalising pieces to be pieced together.
Once the tapestry is woven I then make different handmade papers and encapsulate the warp ends of the tapestry in the paper during the making process - trapping them securely. Sometimes paritally covering the tapestry with the paper, again adding to the feel of re-discovery and fragility. Machine stitching is then applied to the paper to pleat and distort the surface, representing ripples in time.
I also applied folding techniques I was taught many years ago now, just after completing my A-Levels, on a Btec Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. We had a paper workshop with Paul Jackson, who does amazing things with paper and I have taken much inspiration from the techniques he taught us. See his work here:
Below is a selection of work from my Degree Show:

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