Sunday, 6 July 2008

Starting Out

Don't you just love ICT.........When it works!!

Well I set up the basics of this blog at what seems such a long time ago, then I hit problems with my laptop. I am fine when they work, but as soon as they start to play up, I have not got the background knowledge to fix it. Thank goodness for some good friends who came to the rescue!

Now it is all working again I can start to share my art and passions with others. Art has always been a major part of me and who I am and I am first going to share some of the work I did as part of my Degree in Decorative Arts.

I chose to do BA(Hons) Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University and had a great three years there before moving on to the next adventure. This degree is made up of modules in various art disciplines including ceramics, glass, woodwork & metalwork, textiles, to name a few. One of my favourites was learning the art of Tapestry - no this is not cross stitch on top of an open weave canvas, but actually weaving your own fabric - by hand.

To some this may seem tedious, but I love it and the freedom to put your own image into a piece of textiles. I had a fantastic teacher, Joan Baxter, who is a professional Tapestry Artist, and she inspired me to be creative and explore the possibilities of the medium.

See her work here:

At the time I chose to base this work on the theme of Gods & Goddesses and created miniature hand woven tapestries and encapsulated them in handmade paper, then displayed them in boxed frames.

I hope you enjoy viewing them.

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