Thursday, 15 January 2015

Journal 52 - Pathways

New year, new start....

Well, that's the plan anyway. This year I aim to make more time to be creative for myself, and not just for my work. So I did a little blog hopping and came across what sounded like a great idea. Journal 52. Create an art journal over the course of the year, one page a week.

A great place to start. I started the year falling foul of this winter virus that is doing the rounds, on antibiotics and feeling very rough in my own little bubble. I did take the time to create my week 1 page to the theme of Pathways, but only now feel human enough to post it properly! Better late than never, so here goes....

This is me trying to find a bit of mojo to start 2015 and find my pathway to a great year.

A mixture of painting, stamping, distressing, washi tape and layering. It was good to get messy again. Hopefully my mojo will return now this virus is (fingers crossed) on its way out. Looking forward to building my journal over the coming weeks and months and seeing what everyone else creates too.

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Julie xx said...

Going to try this x